Learning at home on the computer

The new school year about to begin will be rolling out in apartments and homes throughout the city with the kids studying and learning, taking classes and becoming informed citizens in front of their computers and their teachers doing the same.

We endorse the beginning of the year being devoted entirely to a remote learning platform.

Given the circumstances with the Coronavirus so prevalent throughout our society and now largely in an uncontrolled growth period, it is better to safe than to be sorry.

We believe administrators and teachers all know what they are doing and will work hard and smart to make a success of home learning, remote platform learning at least until November, when the situation will be revisited.

It is fairly unimaginable to think that public education has come to this, especially with the huge investment we have made in building new public schools which become monuments to what came before the virus.

All of us must keep in mind that computer learning and home schooling for public school students using the computer as an instruction platform is not just a stop gap. It is very likely the wave of the future that is hitting us right now.

It is and appears to be all about how education is morphing into the second decade of the 21st Century.

Just as huge businesses with large downtown Boston buildings and hundreds of thousands of employees are now requiring, they work at home, public school students and university students are being made to do the same.

Call it what you want. The future is here.

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