Mediterranean treat hits the spot on a summer day

A plate with taste of the Mediterranean. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


It is hot outside. It is hot inside, even with the air conditioners on.

It is lunchtime and I want a treat.

I desire something light, delicious, with multi-textures and tastes.

Inside my refrigerator all the ingredients I need are chilled just right.

I grab a smaller plate.

I raid the frig.

I cut about eight small balls of fresh mozzarella in half. I do the same with cherry tomatoes.

I drip some organic extra virgin olive oil onto the tomatoes and mozzarella — just a sprinkling to give them some spark.

I then sprinkle very light amounts of salt and cracked pepper on top of this mix.

If you’ve never tasted Modenaceti glaze – an absolutely delightful combination of Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy and a few tricks the folks over there know about making a glaze – and then squeezing just the right squirt of the glaze over the dish, now taking shape and form, it begins to look like something.

That’s when I take a sour tomato I made out of a Ball jar filled with spices and vinegar and put it at the side of the plate.

Now comes two or three slices of Del Duca prosciutto – so tender and sweet and so, so salty I don’t want to think about it because it tastes so good.

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I cut up the prosciutto into small pieces and spread it atop the dish.

Now comes the best part – taking my fork I spear a piece of mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto, sour tomato and then I put it in my mouth – and then a bit of heaven takes place with the combination of textures and tastes.

What a great treat.

Ten minutes to make. So, so simple.

So, so good.

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