Baker appoints Michelle Capone

Irony is a big part of politics, always. It is one of the components of politics that can make simple acts by the mayor look foolish.

Such is the case with Governor Charllie Baker appointing Attorney Michelle Capone as a State Library Trustee.

The State Library was created in 1826. It is located inside the State House since 1895.

If anyone in this city should have been heading the Everett Public Libraries, it should have been Attorney Capone.

Instead, after more than two decades of EPL immersion as its Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and membership in the Friends of the EPS, she was cast aside by the mayor

in his effort to remake the library as a city department to be headed by his political appointees.

The irony is so strong and especially eye opening because Attorney Capone is so qualified to serve the library and so on the outside of being able to do because of politics.

Her resume and curriculum vitae are extraordinary compared to the present library director as well as all the trustees and the chair of the trustees.

That’s how it goes in Everett under the mayor’s leadership.

The good and the qualified aren’t needed or wanted. In the case of Attorney Capone, this is absolutely true.

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