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Vote for Governor’s Councilor Terrence Kennedy

When Terrence Kennedy was growing up in Everett, nearly everyone who knew him liked him and recognized he was heading for success.

As a young man, he never considered who his friends would be because of the color of their skin or their race or religion.

Terrence Kennedy

This always was the mark of Terrence Kennedy.

He remains the same today.

As a young man, he was a gregarious kid who thrived among all kinds of people, who was always willing to give a helping hand to neighbors and friends and to those he did not know.

His loyalty and support for friends has never wavered.

He is a great son of Everett who has known how to do the right thing all his life as he was taught by his father before him.

He found great success as a local lawyer with a substantial law practice on Broadway but found triumph when he was elected to the Governor’s Council almost a decade ago.

During the nine years he has served on the Governor’s Council, he has restored faith in the Council which was nearly abolished by the House of Representatives shortly before he was elected.

Under his watchful eye, the Governor’s Council restored itself and carefully and systematically rebuilt its reputation.

He has served with distinction, without a hint of scandal so that today, the Governor’s Council once again has its justified place at the State House because of his absolute belief in supporting only those nominees for judicial appointments who are qualified.

Terrence Kennedy isn’t just another Governor’s Councilor.

He is the Council’s natural leader – humble, intelligent, tuned into the changing times with his strong belief in doing what is just and right serving as a guidepost for his colleagues.

Kennedy is a family man. He is man of faith. He is moral. He is just. He is smart.

The governor respects him and asks his counsel about judgeships.

He deserves another term on the Governor’s Council.

The Leader Herald is proud to know Terrence Kennedy the man.

We are proud to endorse Terrence Kennedy for re-election.

Please cast a vote for him by mail or on September 1.

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