Matt Maddox sets example mayor should follow

The CEO of Wynn Resorts Matt Maddox, no stranger to Everett, has shown what we would call a real profile in largesse by giving up 176,000 shares of his stock and dividing it up between 240 of Wynn Resorts executive leadership team.

The idea is to maintain Wynn Resorts core strength, its leadership team of executives who have kept the company alive during the pandemic.

Instead of Maddox hoarding his stock for himself the way the mayor has hoarded his salary increase while laying off key employees.

Maddox has spread the wealth around for the good of the company.

The mayor does not spread the wealth around for the good of the city or for those employed by the city who he believes are working for him, exclusively.

The mayor is in the game to create wealth, for himself.

He doesn’t care much who he tosses under the bus or who loses their jobs or who has their salaries cut.

He cares mostly about one thing and one thing alone, himself. Nearly everyone who knows him knows this.

They vote for him out of fear, not out of love.

When the pandemic was about to shut down Everett, the mayor went on vacation to Aruba.

As the pandemic ground the city to a halt, moments after receiving his $14,000 salary raise, he went down the Cape for another vacation.

During that vacation, the mayor gained quite a bit of notoriety for marrying a couple with the approval of the governor.

He married two surgeons.

The photograph that circulated throughout the media showed the mayor standing shoulder to shoulder with the couple – two surgeons no less – and no one was wearing a face mask.

Doesn’t mean much, you say?

It means everything when you get right down to it.

The mayor would no more give up his salary increase than a starving man or woman would willingly give up a scrap of food.

There is not much largesse with this mayor.

When asked why he accepted his raise when the city is short of money and employees are being laid off, he said: “The city charter requires that I take it.”

That assertion is rubbish.

It is as disingenuous as the mayor gets.

In this instance, the mayor should follow the lead of Wynn CEO Maddox.

Giving to others is more important to the common good than keeping everything for yourself.

The mayor doesn’t understand this.

He never will.

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