McLaughlin for Representative

Michael McLaughlin. (File photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Mike McLaughlin is a young, hardworking, honest Everett man on the rise. He has been a watchdog and a bold, transparent positive force during his time on the Everett City Council.

Whatever he has accomplished in his life he has gotten on his own as a reward for his honesty and integrity and his personal will to succeed.

Mike McLaughlin is interested in people, all kinds of people, not just the politically connected.

He is a good friend to the city’s elderly, to its minorities, to the old-line residents, to its hardworking men and women, to young people transiting through the public schools, to city employees and to all those who call upon him for his support and who have come to appreciate the respect he shows at all times.

He is a unique politician because he is always trying to help out those who approach him.

In the past few years he has become one of the best known leaders in this city.

He has gained positive recognition because he is a very public man, visible at all times, approachable, genuine and active in the community, working his best for Everett residents.

Mike McLaughlin, above all, is his own man. He doesn’t take orders from outside interests.

When it comes to budget time, he tries to do the right thing.

This is exactly what he will do if he is elected representative.

He does not take his orders from anyone but the people – as such, he is not a puppet for anyone – not for the mayor and his minions who have tried to stack the deck against him or for powerful forces outside the city trying to buy a piece of the city.

Mike McLaughlin doesn’t take money from PACS as his opponent has done throughout this election effort.

Mike McLaughlin’s mailings and pass-outs are his own, paid for by himself or by local contributors to his campaign.

He is not bought and sold by outside money and influence.

If he is elected, he will vote with the Speaker of the House when it is on merit.

He will work with the speaker. This is his pledge.

But the speaker will not own him.

We believe Mike McLaughlin is the right man, at the right time, to do the right thing on Beacon Hill for the city.

We are pleased and proud to endorse Mike McLaughlin for representative from Everett.

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