The Rep is a puppet, not a leader

With the democratic primary election less than two weeks away, the voters of Everett have to ask themselves one important question: What type of person do you want representing the City of Everett in the Massachusetts House of Representatives?

A civic minded, hardworking person or a lazy, lay about who does just enough to get by and who enjoys taking credit for passing bills he has not presented?

Make no mistake, that is exactly what this election is about. The incumbent Rep has managed to attach his name, and little else, to just about every piece of legislation winding its way through the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. What initiative has the Rep shown in his three terms in office? The answer is almost none.

Recently, the rep has taken credit for passing a bond bill that hasn’t yet been approved and has taken credit for passing a $10.5 million higher education bill for the disabled that was all Senator Sal DiDomenico’s exclusive doing.

Let’s look back. And then let’s look to the current situation.

During the 189th Legislature (2015-2016), the Rep only sponsored five bills in the House of Representatives. Of the bills that he sponsored, two were for sick leave banks for two state employees (hopefully the recipients of the sick leave donations were from Everett) and one involved enhancing the retirement benefits of a former Everett police officer. Three of the five bills were cosponsored by Senator DiDomenico. It seems like the Rep spent most of the legislative session barely breaking a sweat while collecting his state salary.

The Rep might claim that he cosponsored over 100 bills during that legislative session. But all that really means is that someone else had a good idea and the Rep said, “count me in!” The Rep is a follower, not a leader. The people of Everett deserve better.

Much the same can be said about the Rep’s performance during the 190 Legislature (2017-2018).

During that the session, he sponsored three bills before the House, none of which passed and were signed into law. Zero for three is not a very good batting average.

The Rep also cosponsored over 100 bills in this session as well. “Sounds good, count me in!” was his rallying cry. Nice to join in, but not much on original thought. That’s our Rep and the people of Everett deserve better.

In the current legislative session, the 191st Legislature (2019-2020), the Rep was hard at work by sponsoring seven bills. Of the seven bills that the Rep sponsored, none have been signed into law. One of those bills – requiring seat belts on school buses – was a refiling of a bill that died in committee during the last legislative session. And just as a hint to the mayor, if the safety of school children was so important to him, he could require that all school buses transporting children for the Everett Public Schools be equipped with seat belts. That could be accomplished by local ordinance or by a condition in the school bus contract.

The Rep has been hard at work during this session co- sponsoring bills at a record pace. But I think the voters of Everett are smarter than the Rep thinks they are.

“Count me in!” is not a winning strategy.

That’s our Rep. A follower, not a leader. Incapable of original thought. Lazy and do nothing but feeling entitled to keep his seat.

The people of Everett are much wiser than the Rep thinks.

Your choice on September 1st in clear.

Vote McLaughlin.

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