Antoine Fritz Silencieux

Evangilist known as “Fr. Fritz”

Evangelist Antoine Fritz Silencieux, also known as Fr. Fritz, was born
in Au Caye, Haiti, on October 21,1946.

As a young adult, he moved to Port- au-Prince, Haiti where he began his walk with Christ. He traveled all over Haiti doing missionary work, evangelizing, and spreading the gospel to many.

In 1982, Fr. Fritz migrated from his homeland to Brooklyn, NY where he began his journey in the United States. He later moved to Stamford, CT in 1986 where he was able to work his way up to becoming a school bus driver. He continued doing what he loved most, evangelizing and ministering, at a Haitian American church, named Church of God, in Stainford. He was known for being a man that enjoyed doing a lot of community service within the Haitian community.

He was also known for being a talented playwright of Christian comedy to perform during church events and services. He spent a lot of time fellowshipping alongside the church musicians, playing his guitar and enjoying the sounds of music with them.

Fr. Fritz was a father not only to his own, but to many others that were fatherless. He reached out to individuals, especially within the youth, by counseling and using words of encouragement to keep them motivated and driven. He taught many how to read and write so that they could have brighter futures and aspirations. Fr. Fritz was a man with a big heart who did not like to watch people suffer. He also fought for those who did not have enough strength to fight for themselves. He was open to everyone around him with the time that he had, while giving them the option to seize those moments. He always made himself available to those who were in need. To us, he will always be known as a great evangelist, servant of God, father, grandfather and figurehead of his community.

Antoine Fritz Silencieux was the proud father of Magalie Felisier, Marjorie Morissett, Marie R Saimbert, Fritznel Silencieux, Sadrack Silencieux, Nephthali, Jehu and Sterlove Silencieux and grandfather of Stevens, James, Marvin Alex and Dimitri Morisset and Jamael and Darnelle, Nyson Fellsier, Jodel, Janessa and Darren Saimbert, Emanie, Karena and Aallylah Silencieux.

Funeral Services were held at the Murphy O’Hara Funeral Home 519 Broadway Everett on Friday followed by burial in Lakeside Cemetery in Wakefield.

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