Covid-19 continues dominance over full economic recovery

Encore is still impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Everett’s Coronavirus numbers improving


Everett has fallen from among the top of the pack of the most seriously affected Coronavirus centers in cities and towns in Massachusetts.

The city of Lynn now comes in as number 1 as the new week began.

Chelsea is side by side with Lynn at number 2.

Infection rates in those two places have risen to a 7.3% level while the state’s infection rate remains steady at or under 1%.

As of Tuesday morning, there are 2,013 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city with 1750 of that num- ber recovered.

The total cases grew from Monday by 14, according to Health Department sources.

The city’s economy appears to be much more fully awakened and active than during any week since the March shutdown put a kibosh on the local economy.

Restaurants and all kinds of businesses remain in a struggle to maintain themselves as the restrictions continue against large gatherings throughout the city.

Business at the city’s biggest rent payer – Encore – remains reduced due to harsh restrictions impacting the casino’s ability to generate crowds and a healthy business hum.

The casino remains largely quiet during much of the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the money days.

Many employees at the casino remain unemployed. However, the casino and hotel remain the examples by which the city can judge its own efforts at fighting the virus by implementing hygiene and social distancing programs.

No one does this better than Wynn Resorts at their Encore facility.

For its part, the city’s face mask order requiring all those 2 or older out in public to wear one is working rather well.

A tour of the city Tuesday morning revealed nearly every person visible outside on sidewalks or going into and out of banks and corner stores and food outlets as well as nail salons and barbershops wearing a face mask.

With the national total of deaths daily averaging over 1,000 and new cases averaging over 45,000 a day, it will take months for these averages to drop.

A bit of good news comes from State House, where Governor Charlie Baker has approved Massachusetts’s participation in the president’s unemployment bonus to those who remain unemployed.

Everyone on unemployment as of August first and through the 15th will receive an added $300 per week, or an additional $900 for that three week period.

It won’t come a minute too soon for many families struggling with expenses.

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