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Teachers’s union backs EPD in EHS

Helps maintain safe environment


The Everett Teachers Union has backed keeping the Everett Police in the high school, where police have been aiding in keeping order and maintaining community relationships for two and a half decades.

Despite Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s call for defunding the police who serve inside the public schools, the ETU has held firm to its belief that more good than bad is done by a police presence at Everett High School.

“Our schools are provided an invaluable service by EPS Student Resource officers Lt. Tino Rozza, Sgt. Dennis O’Donnell, and Officers Pat Cassidy, Stephen Ramunno, Jillian Donnelly, and Eric Williamson are all an integral part of the EPS Schools Family,” wrote Kimberly Auguer, President of the ETA.

Auger said the police serve a valuable role in maintaining safety inside the high school not only for students, but for educators and for everyone involved.

An Everett Police car parked at Everett High School.
(Photo by JIM MAHONEY)

“The police provide support and guidance…the ETA looks forward to continuing our mutual relationship with the EPD. Our community is best when we all work together,” added Auger.

Congresswoman Pressley wishes to have funding diverted from policing the schools as an antidote to having school age children caught in a web of what she referred to as the “criminalization of the schools.”

Pressley said it was time to stop over policing the schools.

She believes school systems like Everett’s should be investing in counselors, nurses, social workers and other trained professionals who make the schools safer than police.

Auger said that the EPS relationship with police in the high school should continue, that it has been a positive experience, and that safety and friendship above all with concerned police makes for a better schooling environment here.

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