Encore will sue to collect Covid-19 fines

Encore Boston Harbor.(Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Expect a court summons for failure to pay penalties for illegal parties


Officials for Encore Boston Harbor have announced that those who were fined $500 or more for large parties at the Encore Hotel recently will be taken to court and sued if they fail to pay the fines.

Exceeding room occupancy limits for rooms and suites inside the resort casino will not be tolerated, according to company officials.

Encore recently announced that it will charge guests who violate the occupancy limits a cleaning fee of $500 per person and up to $3,000.

Encore officials said the move to sue guest who fail to pay the fines is part of its plan to ensure the safety of its guests and employees during the Coronavirus epidemic.

A recent spate of large parties inside rooms and suites at the hotel during late August found hundreds of people partying inside the rooms and suites without wearing masks, without social distancing and no attention paid to the company’s policies.

The casino currently allows a maximum of four people in any of its hotel rooms and a maximum of eight people inside its larger suites.

As a result of large parties being held on the premises, Encore has increased the number of security personnel at its hotel elevator banks to ensure only registered guests have access to its hotel rooms – and that no more than four people are in an elevator at any given time.

Encore has also increased security patrols inside the hotel throughout the night.

Encore has introduced among the most stringent and modern science and hygiene modalities to encourage safety during its reopening.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has notified Encore of its concerns following word from police officials that parties were taking place there.

The MGC issued a warning to Encore that those types of gatherings place the licensee in a precarious position.

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