Voting by mail in ballots a great success in the city

Something like 4,000 mail in ballots were counted on Primary Day last week.

Mail-in ballot far outnumbered those votes cast at precinct stations.

They were, by all accounts, counted flawlessly with City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and Assistant City Clerk David Ragucci presiding over the tally with the members of the Everett Election commission and its staff.

It goes to show during this era when the president is running about trying to cast question on the nation’s ability to count a vote when much of it is mailed in that Everett could serve as a worthy example of just how it’s done the right way.

We are grateful to all the loyal precinct workers and those involved in getting the results to city hall Primary night.

We watched all of them trudge into city hall wearing their face masks and socially distancing to make the vote happen after a very long day of making sure the votes were tallied the right way, and while at the same time dodging the COVID-19 that is all around us in this city.

They deserve our thanks.

So too do the folks who pulled this Primary off without a hitch.

Very well done.

You should all be proud.

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