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What’s good for Las Vegas would be good for Everett

Wynn Resorts and Encore in Nevada are helping employees struggling with child care issues and has stepped ip to the plate for parents who have school aged children now involved in virtual learning.

In Las Vegas, Wynn Resorts and Encore has contracted with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada to provide supervised virtual learning spaces for up to 400 children of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore employees.

The program is free to employees and is open to children ages 6 to 10 at Boys and Girls Clubs locations around Las Vegas.

A similar program here in Everett would be of great aid to parents of Everett children in need of the freedom tow work – if they still have a job and to know their children have an added support system in the brave new world we are facing as school sets to open on September 15.

Everett does not have a Boys and Girls Club however the public schools themselves might set up a parallel program to accommodate Encore employees and their children during this period of new normal.

While the public school buildings remain closed here, a situation that will exist at least until November at the very earliest, such a program, sponsored by Encore, could be of tremendous aid to the Everett School Department.

The EPS will be setting up four “learning centers” through-

out the city to accommodate those students who cannot be accommodated at home to perform remote learning sessions. If Encore were to contribute to the EPS learning centers – which would become virtual learning centers instead of a safe haven to perform remote learning tasks, this would be quite an addition to the planned for learning experience.

In Las Vegas, for instance, about a dozen first grade students in one classroom sat at socially distanced desks, using laptop computers and headphones for their lessons. All the children wore mandatory face masks.

The $15 per student charge for a session is paid for by Wynn Resorts.

This could be an interesting adjunct to what is being set up here in Everett to have more students in a classroom type setting without tipping over the apple cart of remote learning.

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