Covid-19 uptick closes parks again

A Covid-19 test site at Schraf Playground as the virus has a recent uptick in the city. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

CHA Everett reports new cases, more free test sites available


The former Whidden Hospital reported late last week that its beds were again filling with COVID-19 patients, that at least ten new patients suffering from the virus are now struggling with its effects at the hospital.

Hospital officials also reported that at least three new serious cases of the virus had caused those individuals to be put into intensive care.

This has put a strain on hospital services as those with COVID-19 require intensive treatment and full time monitoring by doctors and nurses.

This has put a strain on hospital services as those with

COVID-19 require intensive treatment and full time monitoring by doctors and nurses.

Despite Massachusetts achieving one of the lowest rates of infection in the nation, Everett’s infection rate has stood above the state’s 2% ceiling for many weeks and in recent weeks was closer to 5% although the number appears to be fluctuating.

The city’s inability to control the infection rate points to a laxity of social distancing and the failure to wear facemasks. It has also revealed many, many residents paying little to no heed to Health Department warnings that failure to social distance and to wear facemasks, and not to congregate in larger groups all contribute to the persistent presence and spread of the virus throughout the city.

An EMT from Fallon Ambulance administers a Coronavirus test to Annmarie Picone. Free testing is available at multiple sites around town. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Schools are reopening this week with virtual, remote instruction throughout the school system.

Obviously, the spread of the virus cannot continue in the public schools so long as the city’s 7,000 public school students are confined to learning from home and at four learning centers throughout the city.

The city’s parks closing down again is a great disappointment to those yearning for a return to normalcy.

They reopened recently as part of the continuing recovery from the pandemic which has so far caused the deaths of about 50 Everett residents while at the same time infecting thousands more.

Their closing, again, is proof of residents’ ability to conform to the standards of the new normal.

Many of those who have succumbed to the virus in Everett were the elderly or those with serious health issues.

Fallon Ambulance and Hollister Monitoring are part of the cities effort to conduct Covid-19 testing after a recent uptick. This site was at Schraf Playground. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Early this week, the city reported a total of 2174 residents infected.

That number is up about ten from September 9.

The daily total of newly infected can be as low as two and as high as 10 or more.

The city has also received comment from residents about several smaller restau- rants with employees not wearing face masks or gloves.

The Health Department has apparently stepped up enforcement.

The state has also sent a special team of roving investigators to the state’s most infected cities, including Everett, to add a strong arm to local enforcement efforts.

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