Council meets in person at city hall for first time since pandemic struck


Not all city councilors wore face masks at Monday night’s city council meeting, the first inside city hall in almost six months.

Not all the councilors were present.

Those who participated there sat far apart from one another, social distancing with vigor.

The chamber was disinfected with a spray before the meeting.

The large and airy city council chamber caused more than several members to ditch their masks for the relative safety they felt social distancing. Councilors sat at least eight feet apart.

Councilor at Large John Hanlon wore a face mask, as did Councilors Fred Capone, Peter Napolitano and Stephanie Martins.

Council President Rosa DeFlorio, Councilors Wayne Matewsky, Mike Marchese, Jimmy Tri Le and Mike McLaughlin arrived with face masks on but took them off for the meeting.

Police Chief Steve Mazzie also attended. He, too, wore a face mask before taking it off to speak

The same was true of City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

Councilors Gerly Adrien and Anthony DiPierro apparently watched the meeting but did not attend.

Public participation was suspended due to technical difficulties.

At 7:35 p.m. the ECTV telecast went down due to further technical difficulties.

Upon returning to the air, the meeting included Adrien at a remote location.

Councilors Matewsky and Hanlon went on and on about 4g and 5g devices which provide internet capabilities, an issue they have beaten to death for the past four months.

Despite unanimous scientific data and medical data, Matewsky and Hanlon refuse to believe it.

They refuse to believe the devices are needed to improve electronic communication. The same devices to be placed in Everett are placed all over Boston’s finest neighborhoods – Beacon Hill and Back Bay.

Hanlon and Matewsky said they believed people might become deathly ill or injured from the placement of these devices throughout the city.

The impression is given brains could be fried or blood made to boil inside veins.

Despite the fact they are placed all over America, in every city and town, and have caused no problems, Matewsky and Hanlon take the Trumpian anti-science view that science doesn’t matter because they hold the view that only in Everett could the devices cause a problem.

They defy science and their colleagues accept their views. The motions to allow the placement of a number of devices passed 7-3.

A request for two 5g devices commanded a great deal of debate. They were to be placed on Maplewood Avenue.

The issue of the Maplewood pieces was held over until the next meeting.

The issue will be heard again on September 30.

At that time it will have been six months of debate and a possible lawsuit over their placement.

Councilor Napolitano suggested that residents throwing used masks and gloves onto the city’s streets and sidewalks needed training so they might learn to toss those used masks and gloves into barrels.

That motion passed.

The late Dorothy Martin Long and Ambassador Walter Carrington should be considered for special accolades by the city and for appropriate remembrance visible to the public according to Councilor Capone.

Capone asked that suggestions be made to the mayor’s office.

The measure passed.

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