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Marion Matewsky, former Ms. Chateau de Ville, celebrates her 90th birthday strong

Marion Matewsky, former Ms. Chateau de Ville.

Ms. Chateau deVille – Marion Matewsky celebrated her 90th birthday, September 5th, with family, friends and neighbors at her home. A delicious buffet by Anthony’s of Malden, a wonderful cake by Elm Street Bakery, and entertainment by the Silver Fox.

Marion was the premier head hostess from 1969 to 1976, at that time many marriage proposals and celebrations took place at the classic venue in New England. Men had to have a colored shirt and sports coat and women in full dress.

The Chateau was also known for the largest chandelier in America. Many of the shows included stars, Wayne Newton, Joan Crawford, Yule Brenner, Sammy Davis Jr, Al Martino, Joan Fontaine and many more.

Marion was chosen by the patrons every year to be Ms. Chateau de Ville. The location is now a Lowes Building Supply and large health club – in a time long gone, memories of the Luxurious are still remembered.

Marion would like to thank her son, Wayne and the many who have been so kind to her over the years. And wishes all the best during these unusually stressful times.

God Bless!

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