Koffee N’Box has great coffee

A new pop-up coffee shop, Koffee N’Box, on Broadway. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


The former post office has become the location for the city’s newest addition to the growing ambiance that Everett has to offer when it comes to great treats, and especially for coffee.

Located on the side of the Depression Era building, which is as formidable a structure as anything standing in the city, is a bit of “green” space devoted to comfortable tables and chairs, lots of potted flowers, and big umbrellas with all of this capped off by the business itself.

Koffee N’Box is literally and physically run out of a steel container, the type sent on ships with merchandise around the world.

It has been painted beautifully and colorfully, and the front of the box is the place where you make your orders.

Everything is clean and sparkling, really.

The container café, as some call it, offers great coffee, pastries, smoothies and Acai bowls.

Outdoor seating at Koffee N’Box. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

It is owned by a Brazilian entrepreneur, Pricila Trancoso.

Monday morning during its official opening, Kenya, the young lady behind the counter (who is from Venezuela), made me a cappuccino.

It was just right.

I take my coffee with chocolate, cinnamon and sugar.

For those of you concerned that sipping coffee outside on a sunny winter day might be difficult – and very cold – Kenya told me it is very likely the owner will be placing small fire pits in and around the tables to make the place comfortable even in the winter!

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