Pope John property to be veterans housing

The former Pope John School property in North Everett is now scheduled to become veterans housing.

There is no doubt about the need for Veterans housing, so the Pope John facility’s conversion is the right thing to do for the men and women who have given themselves to our nation.

Those of us who have never served in the armed forces cannot imagine what it is like to sign your life away to the United States of America and to be sent to war, to be wounded, to die, or to come home seeking to better yourself in your life only to find no housing.

The Pope John conversion is a but a drop in the bucket for the brave men and women who have served us, and who have taken orders to charge forward at their own risk on our behalf and who badly need affordable housing when they return to civilian life.

Providing Veterans housing is one of this city’s responsibilities.

However, many units are made for Veterans in the old Pope John main building it won’t be enough. Veterans need thousands of units of affordable housing. The Pope John project is at least a start in this city to provide housing to our Veterans who deserve it. Serving isn’t everything.

Serving those who served, is what closes the circle.

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