Smooth opening for schools, remote learning underway

Teacher Rebecca Milley teaching her students about the seasons online from the Whittier School. (Photo courtesy of the EPS Facebook page)

EPS studying impact, results


In one of the most understated openings of the public schools in the past century just completed, administrators, teachers, students and parents are all weighing the initial results.

As the second week of remote instruction by computer and chrome books got underway, the verdict is still out as to the efficacy of remote learning and exactly what effects, negative or positive, such a learning cycle and experience will have on Everett’s more than 7,000 public school students.

Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani has presided over the opening during this, her first six months of service, during one of the most difficult, trying, and unlikely of school openings.

Tahiliani apparently expressed relief and satisfaction that the new school year was underway, and that learning had started up again.

Teachers have been planning all summer leading up to this new way of teaching.

Teachers are connecting and engaging students.

Everett High School is one of the eEducation centers in the city. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The belief among the leadership of the EPS is that remote learning will get better and better.

Social and emotional outreach as well as counseling and advocacy are all being offered to parents and students as a result of the unprecedented challenges of remote learning, according to EPS officials.

In other words, the long reach of public school education’s personal touch inside classrooms in the public schools is being extended online.

The learning centers functioned as expected during the first week of operation, giving all those who signed up a safe harbor within which to pursue their online studies.

Many teachers are using entrepreneurial touches to their online experiences with students.

Rebecca Milley, a Whittier School kindergarten teacher has configured her eClassroom to use the space behind her desk to share information with her students.

In the meantime, lunch and breakfast cannot be served online.

Last week began the daily effort to serve prepared lunch and breakfast packages for thousands of students which are available every day at Everett High School, Parlin School, Keverian School, English School Webster School and Whittier School.
Pickup is between 3-4 every day.

School Committeeman Frank Parker said it best about what is being attempted: Because of the will to do, our desire to figure it out, ready to do so, for the sake of the kids.”

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