The Supreme Court choice is Trump’s

The death of the distinguished American jurist and longtime Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg brings to an end the noble life of one of America’s greatest women.

During her tenure as a Supreme Court Justice, she specialized in advancing women’s rights at every opportunity.

Her death at 87 is a sorry thing for those who followed her decisions and who relied on her wise judicial thinking.

Now comes the effort to replace her.

The Democrats are horrified that President Trump has the opportunity to appoint Ginsburg’s replacement.

They have promised and sworn to do what they can to stop him from making the appointment before the November election.

Our thoughts here at the Leader Herald is that the Democrats should just shut their mouths and accept constitutional reality.

It is President Trump’s appointment as long as he is serving as president and can get the appointment passed by the Senate. Whether the new justice of the Supreme Court is chosen before the election and after the election doesn’t matter.

It is the constitution that matters.

In this instance, the president has the absolute right to appoint a nominee and the Senate has the absolute right and duty to confirm the nomination.

All speculation and talk about controlling the leaning of the court is folly.

In 200 years, the court has served the nation’s interests with dignity and rulings – some better than others – and so it will be with the new court, with the appointment to come.

Trying to control the Supreme Court is folly.

All the politicking going on now about the appointment to be made is wasted energy tending to further divide the nation.

Let’s get on with it and move forward – no matter what the future may hold.

We can’t direct that which we cannot control.

The Supreme Court can’t be packed.

It can lean left or right – but it cannot be controlled. History proves this.

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