Koffee N’Box has great coffee

A new pop-up coffee shop, Koffee N’Box, on Broadway. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


The former post office has become the location for the city’s newest addition to the growing ambiance that Everett has to offer when it comes to great treats, and especially for coffee.

Located on the side of the Depression Era building, which is as formidable a structure as anything standing in the city, is a bit of “green” space devoted to comfortable tables and chairs, lots of potted flowers, and big umbrellas with all of this capped off by the business itself.

Koffee N’Box is literally and physically run out of a steel container, the type sent on ships with merchandise around the world.

It has been painted beautifully and colorfully, and the front of the box is the place where you make your orders.

Everything is clean and sparkling, really.

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The Supreme Court choice is Trump’s

The death of the distinguished American jurist and longtime Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg brings to an end the noble life of one of America’s greatest women.

During her tenure as a Supreme Court Justice, she specialized in advancing women’s rights at every opportunity.

Her death at 87 is a sorry thing for those who followed her decisions and who relied on her wise judicial thinking.

Now comes the effort to replace her.

The Democrats are horrified that President Trump has the opportunity to appoint Ginsburg’s replacement.

They have promised and sworn to do what they can to stop him from making the appointment before the November election.

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Pope John property to be veterans housing

The former Pope John School property in North Everett is now scheduled to become veterans housing.

There is no doubt about the need for Veterans housing, so the Pope John facility’s conversion is the right thing to do for the men and women who have given themselves to our nation.

Those of us who have never served in the armed forces cannot imagine what it is like to sign your life away to the United States of America and to be sent to war, to be wounded, to die, or to come home seeking to better yourself in your life only to find no housing.

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Decisions need to made on illegal apartments

The Planning Board last week again took the position that if homeowners with longstanding illegal apartments don’t have the parking that is necessary for them, they must remain illegal properties and be brought back to the original status when they were built in order to become legal again.

This view was dominant despite the view of the administration that it is a better idea to make all the illegal apartments legal to bring them up to code and make for better housing stock despite them not having the right number of parking spaces under present zoning ordinances.

The zoning board becomes an echo of the national Republican government that wants illegal immigrants sent packing from the US because they are not citizens – even if they have lived here all their lives and their children have been born here.

Just as we cannot deport all illegal immigrants working and living here for several generations, we cannot return multi-family homes by the hundreds and even the thousands back to single family homes because they don’t have the right number of parking spaces.

Debating whether or not enough parking spaces exist to right the wrong of illegal apartments is to stand against the future safety of the housing stock here.

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Smooth opening for schools, remote learning underway

Teacher Rebecca Milley teaching her students about the seasons online from the Whittier School. (Photo courtesy of the EPS Facebook page)

EPS studying impact, results


In one of the most understated openings of the public schools in the past century just completed, administrators, teachers, students and parents are all weighing the initial results.

As the second week of remote instruction by computer and chrome books got underway, the verdict is still out as to the efficacy of remote learning and exactly what effects, negative or positive, such a learning cycle and experience will have on Everett’s more than 7,000 public school students.

Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani has presided over the opening during this, her first six months of service, during one of the most difficult, trying, and unlikely of school openings.

Tahiliani apparently expressed relief and satisfaction that the new school year was underway, and that learning had started up again.

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