Gridiron Flashback

In honor of all the fall football stars just waiting for their chance to pound the turf at Veterans Memorial Stadium, during the 2020-2021 Everett High School fall sports season, we are showcasing snap shots of newspaper clips from the past, each including some of the biggest names and games in EHS football history.


Jason Maitre (2) makes an acrobatic grab with a St. John’s Prep defender draped over him. On just the third play of the game, Maitre snagged the pass from Jack Wilcox and ran 77-yards to paydirt. The Crimson Tide routed SJP, 49-14, scoring on their first five possessions of the game to improve to 7-0.

Matewsky postpones kid’s Halloween party

The Russo-Gaff family has a spooky yard for Trick-or-Treaters this year. Melanie Russo (above) peeks out from behind her Halloween decorations on Bucknam Street. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

City will allow Trick or Treating from 5-7 PM October 31

Everett’s, 41st Annual safe children’s Halloween party hosted by Councilor at Large, Wayne Matewsky, is unfortunately postponed until 2021. The Matewsky committee initiated the event in 1979 due to tainted candy, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has made this unsafe this year.

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— Eye on Everett —

“I know who Carlo is voting for president. He’s voting for Trump” – The mayor’s Blue Suit to Josh Resnek

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With the presidential election almost here – only days away – I wasn’t shocked to learn from the Blue Suit about Carlo casting his vote.

“I heard him talking with a close buddy, who you know, about who he will be giving a vote for president. Nothing this guy does surprises me anymore. He’s changed so much,” said the Blue Suit.

“I still can’t believe what he’s ending up doing. It is so disloyal and such a dishonest ballot,” the Blue Suit added.

“Whoa, boy. Whoa,” I said. I posed, the question, “What the hell is up?”

“He’s voting for Trump!

“Can you imagine? The city’s major democrat voting for the republican, and why? There’s the rub,” the Blue Suit said with amazement and surprise.

“Why is he voting for Trump? Exactly why? I know why. I heard him say this with my own ears. I should have known in the first place. I should know Carlo by now.”

The Blue Suit squirmed just a bit. He spit out the terrible truth about Carlo and why he’s voting for Trump.

“’ Trump is my kind of guy,’” Carlo said to a friend, the Blue Suit told me.

“He was in his mansion in his pajamas smoking a fat cigar, and sipping from a Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks – a double, if you don’t mind. His third of the evening,” the Blue Suit told me.

“’ I can’t vote for Biden. We share nothing in common, except for enriching ourselves with our positions,’ Carlo said. “Yup. Sleepy Joe won’t be getting my vote.”

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Heading off a disaster at the pass

We have been informed by those who claim to know that the mayor will apparently be using a proxy to ask the city council to prepare groundwork for an appeal to the people of Everett to change the City Charter to allow the mayor to be the Chairman of the School-Committee.

Presently, the mayor sits as an ex officio member of the School Committee. His powers are limited compared to those of the superintendent.

Recent history proves that the mayor drove out of office a former superintendent. The mayor delighted in the effort.

The mayor seeks job appointing influence over the 1,000 school department employees.

There are several problems with the mayor’s thinking. One is that it is folly to assume that he might actually spend three hours inside the Everett High School Library at each and every School Committee hearing. He skips most meetings as an ex officio member.

Another problem with the mayor wanting to have himself installed as the Chairman of the School Committee is that he is not qualified to rule over the lives of this city’s school children and their teachers and administrators.


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