As Covid-19 grows again, we must remain vigilant

Everett remains one of the Covid-19 hot spots in Massachusetts where infection figures are rising again to levels experienced during June.

The rise here in Massachusetts is unsettling.

The rise of infection and the rate of infection in the rest of the nation is off the charts right now and growing. To many of those who claim to know about pandemics, these rising figures all over the nation coincident with the coming of fall is terrifying.

Flu season is almost upon us and the COVID epidemic is not yet behind us.

We have been warned by expert epidemiologists, Dr. Fauci chief among them, that we might be facing a twin epidemic in a month or two.

As states reopen their economies, figures are rising precipitously, especially in places like Florida.

As schools have opened and colleges, too, more and more COVID cases are popping up everywhere – a reminder to us the danger is all around us, the danger has not passed.

Yet many people grow complacent.

Many walk around in public without face masks.

The parks here again are filled with kids and parents not wearing face masks.

That’s a problem.

Private parties – those are problems.

Ignoring the dangers of the virus is the main problem. Thousands of unemployed remains a problem.

Many thousands seeking free food is another sign this virus is not beaten.

The prospects are likely grimmer than our leaders are letting on.

With more than 205,000 dead, and that total rising by 1,000 a day, we should all be paying more attention, not less.

The weather is changing.

The frigid cold will be here soon.

What was hard is about to get more difficult for retailers and those in the restaurant business.

The warmth of the extended fall will not be here in two weeks. We must be prepared for the second act of the virus.

We must all remain vigilant.

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