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ECTV needs to improve live broadcast

The live broadcast of the Everett City Council as hosted on the city’s Facebook site has been a dismal infuriating failure for the past two meetings.

This week’s meeting was discouraging.

The sound was abysmal.

A sound technician from ECTV needs to determine how to make the sound something better than a chopped up bunch of echoes that virtually no one can understand.

People speaking at the front of the room near the president’s desk are inaudible.

The sound worsens as speakers struggle to be heard by the viewing audience at the center of room and off to both sides where the councilors are social distancing.

At one point, Councilor Wayne Matewsky asked Clerk Mike Mangan to make sure the sound was on.

Yes. The sound was on but the sound was terrible.

Someone needs to work on making these hearings audio accessible.

The present situation is an embarrassment to everyone involved.

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