Leader Herald seeks city CORI records


In our last two editions over the past two weeks the Leader Herald has questioned with news stories and an editorial how and why convicted felons are allowed to be working as municipal employees by the city of Everett.

The city charter in spirit and word forbids employment by the city of Everett anyone who is a convicted felon.

Let us be clear, this makes it illegal as well as illegal and unethical for there to be city hall employees, school department employees and members of the police and fire departments who are convicted felons.

It appears on its face that the Everett city government does not have much interest in upholding the edicts placed upon them by the city charter and their sworn oath to uphold it – along with upholding the Constitution of the United States.

To this point in time since first reporting that the city of Everett in fact employs convicted felons, no one in a position of responsibility has uttered a word in public about it.

The city’s Human Resources department is responsible for vetting all city employees.

The mayor has said not a word.

A request to his office for an official statement was not answered.

No city councilor has raised the question or asked for an investigation.

No department head seems to care. They would not be allowed to comment by the mayor if they did.

The city’s lawyers are oblivious – and there is a dearth of city lawyers these days the mayor can call upon for advice.

In neighboring Chelsea, no city lawyer or department head wishing to hold their job would ever commit to knowingly allowing convicted felons to serve in public office there or to work for the city in any capacity.

We know the questions we have raised about convicted felons working for the city have reached the highest places.

The mayor is especially aware of convicted felons working for the city.

Two of his closest convicted felon friends work for the city in important positions of responsibility and earn high salaries not only with his approval but at his personal re- quest in positions of responsibility.

By our count, there are at least three other convicted felons employed by the city that the mayor is aware of that we know of.

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