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What is wrong with SCOTUS appointee being Catholic?

The national debate now taking place between those who support the president and those who don’t has appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court and those who don’t.

In this instance, we believe it is important to note that we can all find things to disagree with about Judge Barrett.

Wanting and demanding Barrett not to be appointed because she is religious and Catholic, is not one of them. Such protesting of her religion and beliefs in Catholicism are clearly out of bounds.

One of the great enduring pillars of the US Constitution is that we are free to pray as we want, to believe in God as we like without such a belief getting the way of being appointed to the US Supreme Court.

Religious Catholics are not excluded from serving on the Supreme Court any more than Jewish liberals are excluded.

The religion practiced by Supreme Court nominees like Barrett does not make her any less qualified to serve on the court.

Religion has no place in the debate about whether or not Judge Barrett will be appointed.

How she thinks privately is also out of bounds.

What matters is how she makes her rulings using the law, how she decides issues by the law, and how she works with her colleagues on the court to maintain the court’s integrity.

She is a proud Catholic, a Notre Dame alumna, a former clerk for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

She is Catholic and qualified.

Being Catholic and being a conservative do not disqualify herself from being a Supreme Court justice.

They are one in the same as far as all of us should be concerned.

Judge Barrett understands the separation between church and state.

She may not be the choice of liberals wanting to continue the liberal agenda which they perceive as superior to the conservative agenda.

Maybe it would be better to wait to appoint her after the election, but the Constitution allows for her appointment before the election if this can be accomplished.

Being against the appointment of Judge Barrett because she’s Catholic is an abomination.

What’s wrong with being Catholic?

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