Cornelio predicts 16,000 votes to be cast on Nov. 3


City Clerk Sergio Cornelio is perhaps the best voting handicapper in the city.

As such, he is predicting approximately 16,000 total Everett votes in the upcoming presidential election.

“We’ve already got about 6,000 mail-ins – 4,000 from the primary and an additional 2,000 to date,” Cornelio said. “We are looking for about double that number in the finale,” he added.

Cornelio said processing all the ballots takes attention but is not rocket science.

He said that Everett and the state of Massachusetts are adept at counting mail-in ballots and that voting fraud is not a factor in this upcoming election.

“There are always instances of fraudulent ballots in every city and town. In Massachusetts and Everett, those numbers are tiny and will have no bearing on the final count,” he added.

Everett will have 14 days of early voting at a location outside of city hall to keep with social distancing requirements.

He estimated about 1,000 voters will cast their ballots in early voting.

In the final tally, he is estimating 8,000 – 10,000 mail-in votes.

The largest possible vote that could be cast is about 22,000.

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