Councilor’s thoughts on Trump illness


Everett city councilors commenting on the president’s illness appeared united in the belief that leadership during a time of a pandemic is key to the nation beating the virus or at the very least, meeting its health challenge to all of us.

Everyone interviewed was respectful of the president without wishing him ill or harm, revealing that Democrats here are of a higher order when it comes to weighing in on presidential politics.

Councilor Fred Capone said the president contracting the virus might be an opportunity for him to have a learning experience.

“Maybe he’ll have a clearer perspective and what we need as a nation to fight the virus,” he said earlier this week.

Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien said she believes that President Trump caught the virus because of a lack of leadership, that the example he never set came back to haunt him.

“When we see our leadership not understand the importance of taking precautions to keep everyone safe, how do you expect the virus to just go away?” she told the Leader Herald.

“We need leadership to step up and put peoples’ health and safety first,” she added.

Councilor Stephanie Martins believes the president contracting the virus reinforces how real this virus is and the need to protect yourself and everyone around you.

“I never want to wish evil on anyone.

I am glad the president seems to be doing OK, but the fact he got it proves that anyone can get it – even the president, and that sends out a loud message,” she said.

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le was especially respectful of the president and even mentioned the First Lady, who has also contracted the virus.

“I can only wish him and Mrs. Trump a speedy recovery. Any sentiment less than this would be disrespectful,” he said.

Capone believes the presidents sickness could lead to a different attitude coming from about wearing face masks.

“Now the matter of face masks comes front and center. If you experience something firsthand as the president is experiencing it, you generally have a better focus and a more clear perception of just what is at stake,” he added.

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