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“I know everything about his deals” – The Blue Suit


The Blue Suit this week is the magnum opus of Blue Suit interviews I’ve shared. It is a bigger story than the president removing his mask before entering the

White House Monday evening spreading COVID with every Godzilla type breath he took.

The president was breathing fire and virus.

The Blue Suit, I strongly suspect, was breathing the truth. We met earlier this week for about an hour, unbeknownst to the mayor.

“You know,” the Blue Suit began, “that the mayor made another payment to the criminal law firm Greenberg Traurig.”

“Yes. I knew that.”

“Do you know how much he paid?”

“$7,300,” I answered.

“So you do know after all.”

“Yes. He paid the money from his campaign account,” I told the Blue Suit.

“What is that payment for?” I asked. “Do you know?” The Blue Suit thought momentarily.

“It is supposed to be about his lawyer, A. John Pappalardo reading all your stories,” the Blue Suit answered.

“If you can believe that you can believe in anything,” I replied. “Can you imagine the mayor paying someone, any- one, $7,300 to read my stories in the Leader Herald? And then can you imagine Pappalardo actually having to read about the meetings we have and what we discuss?”

“No I can’t, to tell you the truth,” the Blue Suit said.

“What is the truth?” I asked. “What was that payment for?” “That payment is all about the mayor still being in the eye of an FBI hurricane after all these years. The mayor keeps his attorney because he knows when the FBI finds him useless for their purposes, they will arrest him, indict him, try him in federal court and convict him,” the Blue Suit said.

“Convict him of what?” I asked.

The Blue Suit cleared his throat. He took a big breath.

“Do you think the mayor has ever taken money from someone doing business with the city?”

“Of course I do,” I answered.

“Well, the FBI knows all about all his payoffs real and imagined. The FBI knows everything, believe me. The agent handling the Everett stuff is a guy named Elio. Matt Elio. He’s the agent that knows everything. He’s also the agent who takes his cues from the US Attorney’s office and others with influence over the law in Greater Boston,” the Blue Suit said.

“Elio is a very dangerous person if you are in his range of vision and interest,” the Blue Suit added.

He started up again.

“Do you think, what are the chances, is there even the minutest possibility, that the mayor has taken money from anyone and failed to report it?”

“Absolutely!” I replied.

“Do you mean an exchange?” I asked. “You mean a quid pro quo? He does for the person asking for a favor from the city and the mayor helps that person out for a bouquet?”

“What do you mean by bouquet?” the Blue Suit wondered.

“You know, a nice pile of cash in return for a favor done. A bouquet!”

“Oh, I get it.”

“Yeah. He’s into quid pro quo pretty deeply. Elio knows this. Elio’s de facto boss Assistant US Attorney Fred Wyshack knows this and yet they let him run around without being touched by the law. Amazing really,” the Blue Suit said.

“Not amazing at all,” I replied.

The Blue suit whispered: “Do you believe for an instant the mayor has secret interests in deals here and there?”

Yes, I do!” I replied.

“He doesn’t tend to do anything unless he gets something in return,” I added.

Again, the Blue Suit whispered to me.

“Did he have a deal and receive a commission on the sale of the casino land to Wynn Resorts?” the Blue Suit asked me. “Yes and yes, absolutely,” I answered.

“How do you know?” the Blue Suit asked.

“I’ve written a book about the casino land deal, the FBI wild goose chase of Gary DeCicco and of the mayor’s involvement, the FBI’S actions, the folly of the State Police investigation and the obscenity of the Gaming Commission’s investigations. I have everything – dates, times, public records, interviews, some wiretaps and better yet, I have a publisher. Unbelievably enough, the Forbes Magazine writer, investigative reporter Walter Pavlo, and I have a publisher for our book which lays out everything neatly and precisely with hundreds of annotations.

“Walter is the real thing. He’s a great investigative reporter. This book, when it comes out maybe six months from now, will create a local sensation. The folks at Mintz Levin Strategies won’t like it. Former Governor Bill Weld will not like it, Steve Wynn’s attorneys will not care for it, the FBI, the State Police, the Gaming Commission, and a host of others who control how casino licenses in Massachusetts are bought will not like it but they will buy a copy – and it will create a bit of a sensation.”

“What will Carlo think?” the Blue Suit asked me.

“Carlo will find himself in a very difficult situation would be my studied guess,” said.

“But Carlo isn’t worried. After all, he just paid $7,300 to a criminal law firm to keep reading this column. If I were the mayor, I’d be worried about Agent Elio and the US Attorney’s office when our book comes out.”

“Will you give me a signed copy?” the Blue Suit asked. “Do you have to ask such a question? Of course,” I replied.

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