Commitment to integration needed here

These editorial comments about racial imbalance here in the city’s workforce are not about hating the mayor.

They are about the harsh reality.

The comments are about hating racism and xenophobia.

However the mayor wishes to see it, the deplorable fact of the matter is that racism is being perpetrated by the mayor’s lack of action to turn the corner on it.

Racism inside the corner office at city hall is one of the hallmarks of the mayor’s tenure here.

Everything under the sun has changed about this city during his time in office.

The nearly all-white make-up of the city workforce remains the same.

He does not have the spine to reorder the city’s hiring practices, which alone controls and manipulates to his own ends.

He has created a nicely titled commission to deal with diversity issues.

In one of its first bids to hear from the mayor when the commission convened, he was invited to speak to the group.

All the new members showed up.

The mayor failed to appear.

That kind of says it all about where the mayor stands on diversity in the city workforce.

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