Everett still in the “red” zone as Covid-19 dominates daily life

Everett remains in the “red” zone from Coronavirus and masks are required to be worn in public. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Everett has been struggling with the virus and its effects on the local economy and city government since the shutdown last March.

With winter almost upon us, not very much has changed.

Everett remains a ‘Red” community where infections and rates remain higher than in most other communities in Massachusetts.

Expert epidemiologists, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, are now predicting that a second surge of the virus may be coming with the winter, which would add a great deal of difficulty to the city’s response to it.

Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the nation’s leading epidemiologists reporting to the president was in Boston over the weekend.

Throughout the United States, the epidemic is gaining strength and speed.

The numbers are rising in much of the United States. The numbers have ballooned over the top, with almost 50,000 new cases of the virus being reported every day.

More than 210,000 have died of COVID-19.

It is predicted as many as another 150,000 will die by Christmas.

(Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Here in Everett, where at least 32 men and women have died of the virus, an additional 100 were diagnosed as infected during the past week.

Everett remains in a danger zone with Revere and Chelsea and about a dozen other working-class communities.

The virus has shown a tendency to prey on those who are black, Hispanic, elderly, and the impoverished, according to figures kept by the State Department of Public Health.

However, the virus knows no boundaries. It has infected people of all ages and walks of life, including the president (who has apparently recovered).

Reports last week of large outdoor parties being held in a local parking lot here magnifies the possibility of super spreader events in this city.

Large outdoor parties and indoor parties in crowded atmospheres without social distancing are additional reasons to fear a renewed breakout of the virus in Everett.

Add to this the coming of the flu season makes the next few months rather iffy.

Restaurants locally who have been catering to outdoor business must figure out how to continue such a situation with the advent of rain and winter.

Outdoor heaters are being installed in several locations.

However, doing business outside here remains difficult. Doing business remains difficult as well because many people refusing to eat inside as they used to at local restaurants.

Business remains especially difficult at Encore Casino and Hotel where thousands have been laid off because of the limited business that is being done right now.

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