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Mayor continues $7,300 payments to law firm from campaign coffers


The mayor has made another substantial monthly payment to a law firm for representation.

A review of the expenses paid last month from the mayor’s campaign finance account reveals another $7,300 payment to the national law firm, Greenberg Traurig.

This disbursement, and several dozen of them over the past three years, continues payments to the law firm for undetermined reasons known only to the mayor.

His legal counsel at the firm, the well-known former US Attorney and white-collar crime expert, A. John Pappalardo tried to persuade the Everett City Council some months back that the mayor is not under investigation for criminal activities.

“Then what are the payments for?” several councilors wanted to know.

Pappalardo told the councilors at that time the mayor hired him to read article published in the Leader Herald and to coach him in his political career.

The mayor’s records reveal more than several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees paid consistently to the law firm for representation.

“You don’t pay that kind of money to a guy like Pappalardo to read newspaper articles,” said a former close associate of the mayor who wished to remain unnamed.

“Something is up. The mayor needs protection from the law. That’s why he’s paid out so much money to Greenberg Traurig and that’s why he continues to pay,” added the source.

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