Questions raised why taxpayers are paying for brochure’s cost


When Everett residents went to their mailboxes Friday morning, many found their water bills.

After opening the water bills, which no one likes to receive much less than to pay, they found the mayor’s monthly brochure.

Created by the mayor and his staff or by one of his hired guns paid for by the city, produced with city funding and sent out with city mail at the city’s cost, the mayor has achieved yet another personal stipend.

“This would be the kick- off of his re-election campaign,” said a city hall observer with a keen knowledge of how such things work.

“It is typical of the mayor’s abuse of his position to use city funds to produce campaign literature for his re-election effort. To do it every month is a crime, a clear conflict of interest,” added the city hall observer. Two councilors told the Leader Herald they were going to question the mayor about the newsletter at the next city council meeting.

At least four councilors said they did not believe it was proper, especially with three newspapers in the city covering nearly every event, meeting and on and on. However, they said were not inclined to question the mayor about it.
“Past Everett mayors have done what Carlo is doing,” said Councilor Mike Marchese. “That doesn’t make it right,” he added.

Councilors Fred Capone and Gerly Adrien had noth- ing to say about the mayor’s brochure other than to want to ask him how much it cost and who is paying for it.

The brochures are also being delivered to larger apartment houses through-out the city.

The mayor has said the brochure is intended to reveal the good things being done in the city that don’t get reported, that are overlooked.

“His name is mentioned at least ten times in the brochure. His Facebook, and Twitter, Instagram, and everything else under the sun is listed in the brochure. The city seal makes it look like a city publication, and when you get right down to it, it is,” said a city employee who received his water bill and the brochure with it.

“I threw it out, the brochure, that is. Not the water bill,” he added.

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