Bruce Springsteen leaving country if Trump reelected

We guess the Promise of America isn’t enough by itself to sustain Bruce Springsteen in America.

For all his millions and millions, and for all his powerful method of expression and musical talent, for all his fame and golden albums he has let it be known that he is moving out of America to another country if Donald Trump is re-elected.

Can you imagine that?

We can’t.

How can Springsteen, so famous, and so seemingly powerful, an American musical icon, an entirely American creation from New Jersey of all places, an American force of nature quite unlike any other, will be leaving us for another land?

And more than this, he is leaving us because President Trump is driving him out?

Does this mean I must be for Biden or I lose The Boss? Looks that way, doesn’t it?
Amazing, really, that so powerful a musical and societal force as Springsteen wanting to leave because he can’t stand the president.

There is a great deal of political self-indulgence in adopting such an attitude.

OK. He hates Biden. But what about those of us who have been his fans for a lifetime, for “Born to Run,” for the Boss, the one and only?

Do we wish him well and send him off to another country? Do we desert him as he is willing to desert us?

Maybe that’s the best thing to do…if Trump is reelected.

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