Presidential election in two weeks

We are two weeks away from the Presidential Election being called by folks who consider themselves pundits that it is the most important in US History.

We would beg to differ.

Several elections have meant more to the American Republic and for American democracy than this election between President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

We believe the election in 1860 of Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the most important and historic moment in all of American history.

Lincoln’s succession to the American presidency at a time when the nation was split politically, socially, and economically dwarfs the first election of President Trump four years ago and his possible re-election in two weeks.

The coming of the Civil War, which had everything to do with America remaining a slave-keeper democracy or not, was a far greater moment than trying to ascertain just how nasty Trump might be if he gets another four years.

Lincoln would lead us through the war. He would free the slaves. He restored the Republic, and it was brought back to life as one nation.

That’s very big medicine as far as we’re concerned.

The idea that American democracy is over if Trump is re-elected is stale and ineffectual reasoning.

We face no such challenge as another Civil War with Trump if he is re-elected or if Biden is chosen.

Yes, the nation is divided but it is not about to go to war pitting blue states over red.

We believe the election of Franklin Roosevelt and his inauguration in March 1932, once was also one of the most important moments in US History.


Because Roosevelt marked the moment when the Democrats rose to meet the challenge of the Great Depression, when the only thing we had to fear was fear itself, as Roosevelt said in his inaugural address.

The nation was in a state of full economic collapse the day he was inaugurated.

Without his swift and decisive actions in the First One Hundred Days, this nation would have ceased to exist. Roosevelt began the rule of a much more liberal regime in the White House that has lasted to the present time, although we believe the Democrats have lost their message, which is why Trump won the White House the last time out.

We don’t hate President Trump. We don’t hate former Vice-President Biden. We don’t hate anyone. We don’t hate the mayor. We just find his tone to be lacking, as many find Trump’s tone and bedside manner to be deficient. And then there is the taint of side deals and firings.

We don’t believe American Democracy ends if Trump is reelected any more than we expect a Biden Administration, if he should win, to be a panacea for the American people and for our economy.

The divided nation will not be brought together by a Biden victory any more than it will be made whole again by a Trump re-election.

American politics has gone bad for now and for some years to come.

Our suggestion, get out and vote in two weeks or right now or mail it in.

You hate Trump.

Vote him out.

You love Biden.

Vote him in.

Your vote still counts.

In two weeks we should know where we are heading for the next four years.

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