City councilors pile on Adrien

City Councilor Gerly Adrien is sworn in during a January council meeting. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Vows to fight on despite threats, insults, disrespect


The contentious and embarrassing public meeting that went awry Monday night has caused Councilor Gerly Adrien to rethink very seriously her relationship with many of the councilors who insulted and harangued her.

“I am speechless, but I am not resigning,” she said.

She exhorted her followers to make donations to her political campaign fund.

“I am not kidding. They want me out of the seat.”

She called the meeting an exercise in prejudice and microaggression against her in comments written on her Facebook site.

She was especially concerned about her relationship with those councilors who treated her in such a savage and disrespectful way.

“Absolutely shocking. I was absolutely shocked at their behavior,” she told the Leader Herald.

“Those who suggested that I should consider resigning if I am unable, unwilling or unfit to attend the council meetings in person should be ashamed of themselves,” she said. “I choose the Zoom venue because I don’t want to play with my health and my life,” she said.

Statistics reveal that 90% of those who die after contracting the virus are black or Hispanic or the elderly.

Adrien told the Leader Herald that she has evidence that the ECTV technician Kevin Dorgan, in charge of broadcasting the council meeting, was told before the meeting “to make sure Adrien’s voice can’t be heard.”

When told of this, Councilor Mike McLaughlin said if that is the case, then something needs to be radically done to make certain such a travesty like that never happens again.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky also issued a mea culpa to the Leader Herald.

“The tv technician Kevin Dorgan should be disciplined or fired,” he said. “I have a great deal of pride in this city and in the city council. We should not be ganging up on one of our colleagues. City employees who can’t do their job should be put on notice,” he added.

McLaughlin said he felt the same way.

“I will ask that that Dorgan be brought up here to be questioned. If I find out that Adrien’s voice was silenced on purpose at the request of one of my colleagues, I will demand that justice be done for Adrien. I consider myself a friend of Adrien’s. I am not her enemy. I didn’t ask her to resign. I am disgusted by my own behavior and that of my colleagues. She should be treated with respect, always” he added.

“Everyone on this board should treat one another with respect.

Does Adrien believe the councilors treated her this way because she is an assertive Black woman?

“Yes,” she said.

“I love my work as a city councilor. I’m here to stay whether they approve of me or not. This isn’t about me. It is about representing the people of this city who elected me. They expect better than what I received Monday night, that’s for sure,” she added.

She said she was especially put off by Councilor Peter Napolitano’s reckless comments about her not being in attendance. “I can be here with my preexisting conditions then she can be here,” he said.

“Maybe she should consider doing something else if she can’t be here.”

Adrien said she didn’t know that Napolitano was a doctor.

“My grandmother, who lives with me, got the virus. I’m trying to remain healthy and to make no one around me sick. He’s suggesting I should be here. He’s comparing his health to mine. That’s ridiculous,” she added. “Who does he think he is?” she asked.

She said she demands to be treated with dignity and respect – “as I tend to treat everyone around me.”

Adrien said she will not resign her position.

“I was disrespected by the Council President Rosa DeFlorio. She should know better. I expect more from a woman member of the council, but I guess I’m not good enough for her and her belief that “old Everett” was a better place than “new Everett.”

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