EPS receives gift of facemasks to battle virus

Thanks to a very generous anonymous donation, the Everett Public Schools has received a gift of more than 800 sets of reusable N95 masks, enough for every staff member in the district. The masks are designed to be worn for one day, and then stored for reuse seven days later. They do not require washing.

The donor wishes to remain anonymous, but he asked that the gift be made in memory of Edward D. McClure. Mr. McClure, a close friend of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., dedicated his life to the upholding the ideals of inclusion and the belief that connecting people of all backgrounds makes for a richer, more just world. It is in Mr. McClure’s honor that these facial coverings have been donated for the safety, support and well-being of all the teacher and staff of the Everett Public Schools.

Special thanks to School Committee member Marcony Almeida Barros for putting the EPS in contact with this generous donor, who also provided the district with 12,000 disposable masks shortly after the pandemic forced the district to close last March.

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