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“I know who Carlo is voting for president. He’s voting for Trump” – The mayor’s Blue Suit to Josh Resnek

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With the presidential election almost here – only days away – I wasn’t shocked to learn from the Blue Suit about Carlo casting his vote.

“I heard him talking with a close buddy, who you know, about who he will be giving a vote for president. Nothing this guy does surprises me anymore. He’s changed so much,” said the Blue Suit.

“I still can’t believe what he’s ending up doing. It is so disloyal and such a dishonest ballot,” the Blue Suit added.

“Whoa, boy. Whoa,” I said. I posed, the question, “What the hell is up?”

“He’s voting for Trump!

“Can you imagine? The city’s major democrat voting for the republican, and why? There’s the rub,” the Blue Suit said with amazement and surprise.

“Why is he voting for Trump? Exactly why? I know why. I heard him say this with my own ears. I should have known in the first place. I should know Carlo by now.”

The Blue Suit squirmed just a bit. He spit out the terrible truth about Carlo and why he’s voting for Trump.

“’ Trump is my kind of guy,’” Carlo said to a friend, the Blue Suit told me.

“He was in his mansion in his pajamas smoking a fat cigar, and sipping from a Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks – a double, if you don’t mind. His third of the evening,” the Blue Suit told me.

“’ I can’t vote for Biden. We share nothing in common, except for enriching ourselves with our positions,’ Carlo said. “Yup. Sleepy Joe won’t be getting my vote.”

“With the kinda money I make, I can’t afford to let a democrat win!!!” Carlo said, the Blue Suit recalled.

“Trump’s my kind of guy – the way he treats people – the way he hires and fires – the way he plays boss – the way he gets into trouble and gets out of it – how he tosses people working for him under the bus – how he humiliates people, especially homely women, how he wastes huge sums of money. Yup. Trump has my vote alright,” I heard the mayor say to his buddy, the Blue Suit said with detail.

“He went on and on about it.”

“Trump and I are alike. I know there’s an age difference. I have more in common with Trump than anyone else in politics. If only he could come to Everett. I could show him around. I’d showcase what I do here and show him how easy it is to deceive people, to steal money from the city, to lie straight up when I am pretending to tell the truth. He’d love that! He’d think he was young again,” Carlo gushed to his buddy.

Carlo was getting carried away talking with his buddy about Trump. “He doesn’t have enough insight to understand what Trump really thinks about people like him,” said the Blue Suit.

“What does Trump think about the Carlo’s of this world?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“That’s an easy one to answer,” said the Blue Suit.

“President Trump labels the Carlo DeMaria’s of this world as idiots, morons, losers, near do wells, failures, petty thieves and on and on.”

“Trump would likely take one look at Carlo and think to himself, “Oh God, another Chris Christie!’”

“Or Trump taking a look at Carlo and I might well say, ‘Gee whiz. Can’t you wear a better suit than the one you have on!’”

“Kidding aside, Trump would want nothing whatsoever to do with Carlo. He would have no interest in spending so much time in Aruba. That’s too pedestrian for the president. He wouldn’t want to be in Arizona with him, either. Without ever coming here, he’d consider Everett a dump, and Carlo the head of the dump. “That’s how Trump thinks about people and places,” the Blue Suit told me.

“Where does his love for Trump come from?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“Carlo has a fascination with gangsters, predators, gamblers, casinos, and casino owners. Don’t forget, Carlo loved Steve Wynn. We all know what everyone has come to think about Steve Wynn, don’t we?” asked the Blue Suit.

“Carlo believed Steve Wynn was God. He idolized Wynn. He would have gone to the top floor of the Encore Hotel and jumped if Steve Wynn asked him to,” the Blue Suit told me, emphasizing again and again that Carlo’s tendency is to admire dictators like Kim in North Korea and Putin in Russia. Those are his kind of people. Those are the people who impress him – people who steal from the people they pretend to represent. They rule with an iron fist. Carlo likes that. The only difference is that they have detention camps and secret police. Carlo has a small army of city hall employees who all do his bidding in order to keep their job,” the Blue Suit said.

“Carlo is an apologist for those kind of people. He cried for Steve Wynn, during the speech he gave on Encore opening day. That was telling. Crying for a serial sexual abuser whose reputation had been turned to mud by countless allegations against him. Didn’t mean anything to Carlo. He likes that kind of guy.”

He idolized Wynn with the same ironic mix of love and hate which causes him to love Trump. He said he’d never forget Wynn. What rubbish. Carlo dropped Wynn like a lead balloon when he was found to be an alleged sexual harasser and serial abuser of women who worked for him and some that didn’t. That didn’t matter to Carlo. Why not? Because he understands that stuff. The tears that day were specialty crocodile tears.”

The Blue Suit went on and on. He seemed agitated, like a suit that had been sat on for too long by someone who weighs too much.

“Carlo understands about what it’s like to get caught doing something wrong. He’s had his problems like Trump and Wynn. He loves guys like them, who take advantage of women, who get away with all forms of bad behavior, and who then point at others to condemn them for doing the same that he’s done. He feels a great deal like them,” the Blue Suit added. “He enjoys dictators. He would have loved Joe Stalin. “Totalitarianism is Carlo’s bag. If he could have his dream come true, I’ve heard him say he’d like to be an ancient tyrant because ancient tyrants had so much power.”

“Let’s face it. Carlo is all about fraud and political power, intimidation, and propaganda. Stalin would have got a real kick out of Carlo’s city hall propaganda machine.

“And by the way, do you know who interviewed with Carlo at the 8/10 the other day for a communications position?” the Blue asked me.

The Blue Suit pulled out a joint from the pocket of his Blue Suit.

“I think I’ll try this before I reveal who the mayor interviewed,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“If it helps, go right ahead,” I replied.

“Got a light?” he asked.

“I don’t smoke,” I answered.

He found a lighter in his right side pocket.

He lit the joint. He took two puffs. Deep inhales followed by powerful exhales, followed by a serious coughing attack.

“Just like the boss does!” he said to me. “A few puffs and the world looks and feels so much better to him – and for me,” he added.

“Check this out,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“Carlo interviewed Jeffrey Toobin, the former New Yorker writer. He’s a lawyer. He just got caught doing bad things during a zoom meeting. Jeff didn’t know the Zoom connection was on, and it seems he didn’t have any clothes on and well, as you know, one thing led to another. Now he’s banned from the New Yorker and he’s taking time off from CNN.”

“Carlo thought he’d be perfect for the administration.”

“We’d love to have you, Jeff,” he told the disgraced writer. ” A guy like you is just what we need to balance out the staff,” he said.

Toobin said he’d get back to Carlo in a few days…unless he was arrested.

“I heard Carlo talking about Ayanna Pressley, our Congress- woman. “Yikes! What things he said about her. He has no use for her whatsoever. If he never sees her again, he has said it won’t matter to him. Can you imagine?”

“Of course, I can imagine,” I answered the Blue Suit.

“He says the same thing about Gerly Adrien all the time. He’s got Gerly Adrien on his mind,” I added.

“’You know me,’” I heard Carlo say to his buddy. “I call a spade a spade,’” the Blue Suit told me.

“Did you know that Carlo wants to have a private meeting at a suite at the Encore to discuss politics with Ocasio Cortez, the progressive left leader of the Democrats in Congress? He said he could make instant friends with her by assuring her he has a lot of Hispanic friends even though he doesn’t like hiring Hispanics to jobs at city hall.”

The Blue Suit laughed.

She wouldn’t consider the meeting, and certainly not alone with him inside a suite at the Encore.

The Blue Suit was becoming wicked tired.

“Isn’t Carlo a Democrat?” I asked.

“Yes, he is,” the Blue Suit replied.

“So how will he be voting for Trump? What’s with that?” “What’s with that, you ask. It’s about Carlo pretending to be one thing and being another. It is Carlo pretending to do one thing and doing another. He’s never met a dictator he didn’t like more than Sleepy Joe.”

“I’m outta heah,” the Blue Suit said in a mock New England accent.

“See you next week.”

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