Halloween still on even with Coronavirus numbers spiking


The city has recorded an additional 100+ cases of the COVID-19 during the past seven days.

That comes to many more than 300 cases during the past three weeks alone.

The state recorded an additional 1,000 new cases with many new deaths.

In both cases, the numbers are telling a story as the numbers are growing higher than they were in June and July when they reached a dizzying height.

The story is about a failure locally for residents to stop the spread of the virus by following the guidelines set by the state.

Everett’s effort is right now failing – if the numbers mean anything.

A tour of the city over the weekend revealed city parks and basketball courts populated with young people, nearly all of whom were without masks, as the virus appears headed for a resurgent trend as the weather grows colder.

In fact, a wider review of public gatherings in the city indicates facemasks are not being worn as they should be worn to stop the spread of the virus.

Perhaps this explains why Everett remains among the top five hot spot “red” communities in Massachusetts where catching the virus is much more likely than in those cities and towns where strict adherence to safety and health rules are being followed.

Social distancing and face masks wearing appears to be ebbing here.

Add to this the coming of Halloween, which has been canceled in places like Salem but has not been canceled in Everett.

In fact, Everett city hall is in favor of Halloween being celebrated as long as social distancing, hand washing, and face masks are worn.

Everett city hall is planning to have 12 safety stations equipped with masks and hand sanitizer to be distributed by city volunteers.

Code enforcement officers will be placed throughout all the wards in the city to ensure social distancing and that people remain in their neighborhoods.

The city’s Fire Department and Police will be out in force from 5 pm-7 pm on Halloween ensuring a safe experience.

Epidemiologists consider Halloween a possible super spreader event.

The mayor is advertising for lawyers to aid residents faced with eviction or other housing issues.

The city claims to have CARES funding from the federal government to assist those in taking care of their housing issues, their possible eviction, and their foreclosure fears.

The numbers of those infected by the virus are going up, causing many residents to wonder why on social media outlets, city sites, and on the Leader Herald site.

The numbers of those becoming infected are going up because residents are letting their guard down on keeping distance, wearing face masks, and washing hands thoroughly all the time.

The dramatic rise of newly infected with the virus places the possible reopening of the public schools on November 16 in question.

“I doubt very much we’re going to see much of a change from what we are doing right now,” said a school department employee.

“Everything will be governed by the data. Right now, with cases rising throughout the nation dramatically, that data isn’t looking suitable for an end to remote learning.”

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