The Patriots and the Tide

We have had a wide variety of heated discussions with Patriots sports fans about the season to date.

Inarguably, this is the worst season in 20 years – and the season isn’t half over, yet.

The Patriots just don’t have it.

Cam Newton is not Tom Brady.

Brady playing with Gronk adds insult to injury during a season when Julian Edelman can’t get open, when the offensive line can’t move the ball into the red zone, when the defense has all but fallen to pieces.

Frankly, this season is the stuff of disaster. It is terrifying to think the remainder of the season might be worse than its beginning.

Now comes into this mix a season without Crimson Tide championship football.

There is no fake music being played at the empty football shrine, Everett Memorial Stadium.

The place is absolutely empty, except for seagulls resting here and there and flying above the seemingly haunted stands. What makes the situation so intolerable is that everything many of us have come to love about Sunday afternoons in the fall and into the winter, and generally, all the way to the Super Bowl, will very likely end without bang but with a whimper.

The Patriots are hard to endure for the first time in 20 years. Only a miracle can change the outcome of this season. There are no miracles on the way.

What to do on Sundays?

Watch as much of Brady and Gronk as we can.

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