Werner Park an expensive failure

From our readers in North Everett and from many of those caught in traffic trying to get past Werner Park nearly every day for months we find there is substantial frustration over the park being ripped apart and rebuilt for a second time in less than five years at great taxpayer cost and for what?

The construction has started and stopped so many times during the past six months it is impossible to chart any meaningful progress in the project coming to completion.

During a time of the pandemic, when our largest “taxpayer” Encore Boston Harbor hasn’t been paying its money to the city treasury, there is a wonder and a need to ascertain what is going on?

Why has the mayor spent several million dollars of taxpayer dollars on two rehabs of the small park in so short a time.

Among the most jaundiced about the way municipal government works under this mayor in Everett there is the widespread belief the mayor receives extra legal remuneration for awarding the contract for such unnecessary and expensive work.

Be that as it may, taxpayers want to know, and the city council should want to know what is taking so long and why was so much put up to redo a small urban park that did not need to be redone?

If there was an inspector general to look into this and to pass judgment on the efficacy of this project, we might gain insight into the mayor’s machinations.

The city bought Werner’s Park in 1919.

It has 0.1 miles of park trails which is about the same distance walked from the front living room of a modestly sized home to the kitchen in the rear.

In every way, the rehabilitation of Werner’s Park, again, has been a disaster – a public disaster for everyone who passes by it to see and to wonder…what could have possessed the mayor to spend so much money in so small a place?

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