The second Covid-19 wave is upon us

(Photo courtesy of the CDC)

Many entertaining Dystopian movies (Zombie movies) depict how we will survive a pandemic that leaves much of the world infected with flesh-eating zombies and those of us who remain uninfected.

The infected are the vast majority.

Those struggling to survive have not yet been infected. The death-defying effort every hour of every day is to live among the zombies, to feed ourselves, and to remain uninfected.

In zombie movies, you must be bitten for the virus to be spread. Then you bite someone else and then they bite someone else and then after three weeks, the earth is overrun by zombies.

With the present Coronavirus, you need to be breathed upon to catch the virus and then to breathe it onto someone else once you’re infected and that’s how it spreads.

The way it works is pretty simple.

You breathe the virus onto someone else. Then they breathe the virus into someone else. Then someone else breaths the virus onto someone else and within a year, all of America has caught or is suffering from the virus and its lingering effect.

The comparison is valid.

Many uninfected people bitten by a zombie in those movies don’t want to believe they’ve been bitten. They try to hide it. They pretend to those who saw them bitten that nothing will happen to them. That they won’t turn into a zombie.

The uninfected holding guns summarily execute those who are bitten as they know they are going to become zombies.

The COVID 19 virus is now raging out of control across the nation, at rates we couldn’t imagine in March. The infected, the zombies, are taking over in numbers everywhere. The entire geography of North America is being infected by the virus right now.

What, as a nation are we doing to stop this spread?

Not much. Why?

Because in this grade C American movie now playing itself out, mostly the old are dying. The decision at the highest places in the land is that there aren’t enough elderly dying to make a difference.

The old don’t matter as much as the young or the middle-aged.

The economy is more important.

It is predicted quite reliably that this present dramatic rise in infections sweeping the nation uncontrollably will kill another 250,000 by the end of December.

Our hospital system will be paralyzed.

The flu will be going into full swing, further destabilizing the hospital situation.

This is all coming – and the deaths will multiply. It is as though we are actors in a dystopian movies.

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