Everett residents, organizers, elected officials demand an end to bigotry and racism from members of Everett City Council

Rally planned in support of Everett City Councilor Gerly Adrien outside of Everett City Hall

Leader Herald Staff Report

In recent weeks, Everett’s first Black female councilor has been subjected to a myriad of what she calls ‘unacceptable’ treatment from her council colleagues. As a response, she’s organized a rally to decry racism within Everett’s council chamber.

The rally is scheduled for today outside the main entrance of Everett City Hall from 5 p.m. – 5:45 p.m., with many guest speakers attending, including city councilors and school committee members from Chelsea, Medford, Malden, Winthrop and Boston, respectively.

Below are all the details of the rally, including who will be in attendance:

MC Hosted By Tamika Bispham / Tito Jackson

1. Founder of Violence in Boston Monica Cannon-Grant – 5 min

2. Everett Resident #1 – Lydia Lopez and her mom – 2 min

3. Everett Resident #2 – Hantzley Audete – 2 min 

4. Everett Resident #3 – Allie Rojaas- 2 min

5. Executive Director of Everett Haitian Community Center, Reverend Myrlande Desrosiers – 2 min

6. Executive Director of La Comunidad, Inc., Antonio Amaya – 2 min

7. Executive Director of Union of Minority Neighborhoods Horace Smalls and Director of Organizing Matthew Parker – 5 min

8. Chelsea City Councilor Damali Vidot, –  3 min

9.  Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia – 5 min

10. Haitian Community Activist Jean Claude Sanon – 5 min

11. Gerly Adrien with Husband, David Lindsey – 5 min

Other Confirmed Guests:

· Chynah Tyler (Boston State Rep)

· Ayesha Wilson (Cambridge School Committee)

· Dimple Rana (Revere Activist)

· Zac Bears (Medford City Councilor)

· Name (Medford School Committee)

· Amanda Lineham (Malden City Council)

· Boston Teachers Union Political Director Johnny McGinnis

· Boston School Bus Drivers Union President and Director Andre Francois and Steven McGillis

·  Valentino Capobianco (Winthrop School Committee)

The event is open to the public with all encouraged to attend.

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