Election proves Everett a dem stronghold, locals clean up

President-elect Joe Biden. (Courtesy of Bidenforpresident/Flickr)

Voters oust Trump by 3-1 margin


By many, many thousands of votes, Everett sent President Donald Trump packing last Tuesday.

More than a week later, the president is still posturing about overturning the election because of fraud.

He claims he won the election, that it was stolen from him.

He has promised to take his case to court and on the road with rallies.

To what end? Who knows?

In the meantime, many Everett Democrats breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed a bit of a celebration over Trump’s apparent defeat.

The rise of Joe Biden to the presidency appeared to calm the 75 million Americans who cast a vote for him, and many more, who believe the nation will be a better place with a more noble voice and an interest in bringing people together.

The 70 million or so who voted for President Trump were not so happy. City Clerk Sergio Cornelio reported 14,657 counted ballots in Everett. Biden/Harris received 10,343 to

Trump/Pence 4,022.

Senator Ed Markey received 10,939. His opponent received 3,215.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley received 10,263 votes in Everett. However, Senator Sal DiDomenico and Governor’s Councilor Terrence Kennedy received huge votes, especially DiDomenico.

Senator Sal’s vote total was a whopping 12,038 – and he ran un- opposed!

That is a tremendous endorsement for the longtime senator from Everett.

Governor’s Councilor Kennedy garnered a vote of 11,967 in Everett, another indication of his great popularity with local voters. He won his district-wide election easily.

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