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Our condolences to the Matewsky family

Like many thousands of Everett residents, we know the Matewsky Family very well.

They are all very nice people — generous and caring about others.

Right now, they are suffering the loss of their beloved brother and son, Anthony Matewsky.

Mr. Matewsky died last week at the age of 68.

Wayne Matewsky, the popular City Councilor at Large and former State Rep, and his siblings and his mother have been thrown into a state of despair by this loss.

We offer the family our sincere condolences in the knowledge that the passing of time is the only way the pain will recede but that it will never go away.

Anthony Matewsky’s death is a sad loss for the family and for Everett, the city which has meant so much to the Matewsky’s for a lifetime.

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