What happens next without a stimulus

Without more direct aid from the Federal government to Americans in the form of a second stimulus, many, many local residents and homeowners are going to lose their properties.

They’ve already lost their jobs and their unemployment benefits which run out in another month.

Without further federal aid, the future is looking dismal for this city’s most needy residents, and for the city itself. For those who were employed in the cleaning industry and at restaurants, there are very few opportunities for a new job.

Many, many families are running low on funds.

The lines for free food are longer than they were during the complete shutdown of the economy – another bad sign of things to come.

There is no easy way to highlight just how serious a moment we are at.

The Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino has laid off more than 4,000 employees.

Major businesses in the area are having employees work from home.

Many, many thousands of women have been forced to quit their jobs to take care of their children who cannot go to the public schools which remain closed.

Many men have been forced to do the same in order for the other wage earner in the family to continue working.

Add to all of this the rampant spread of the virus and the continuation of 1,000 deaths a day and you begin to see a bad situation arising.

Worst of all is that so many thousands of people here and millions across the nation refuse to believe that the virus is deadly or that it is hurting the economy.

There is even evidence of men and women dying of COVID-19 in South Dakota hospitals who refuse to believe they are dying of the virus!

We face a terrible time ahead.

The truth is hard to find these days.

The truth is impossible for many people to believe.

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