Coronavirus running wild in Everett

Overcrowded coronavirus testing sites like the one above have become commonplace in Everett this holiday season. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Testing sites mobbed, restrictions put damper on Thanksgiving


Everyone celebrating Thanksgiving is being asked by state officials to have an abbreviated holiday, with smaller gatherings, less elaborate and well-attended family dinners, and with as little travel from place to place as possible.

Not only the forecast of rain putting a damper on this year’s holiday. It comes at a moment in history quite unlike that of any modern or ancient celebration of the holiday.

The annual Black Friday shopping extravaganza was expected to be down this holiday with so many people indicating they would be remaining at home rather than to venture outside.

With the state now reporting almost 3,000 new infections a day, with soaring hospitalizations and deaths (there were 24 new deaths Sunday alone), this Thanksgiving holiday will prove itself to be one of the new lows brought on by the COVID-19.

Health officials estimate there are 40,000 active cases of the virus across the state.

People wait in line for Covid-19 testing at Everett City Hall on Friday. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

Monday the city announced 35 new cases here, finishing off a week when more than 250 new cases were recorded.

Sunday’s count went up by 39 cases. Saturday’s total came to 31 new cases.

City hall will be closed 11/23/20-11/30/20 “due to an abundance of safety.”

People waited in long lines, to be tested by Cataldo Ambulance EMTs, at city hall and other testing centers throughout the city over the weekend.

The city hall line, at one point Saturday afternoon, spread from the rear entrance of city hall, around to the Broadway face of the building , and then around again to Church Street where it seemed to end at the entrance to the Leader Herald’s offices at 28 Church.

The city is advising that those waiting for results from testing for the virus should leave home only for healthcare, worship, and permitted work, shopping, and activities.

Business was brisk over the weekend and into the new week at area supermarkets.

Market Basket in Chelsea was mobbed, requiring again that store officials limit entrance into the facility to keep to state mandates about social distancing McKinnon’s reported typical busy Thanksgiving Day shopping.

At all markets and stores throughout the city, virtually all shoppers were seen wearing masks and attempting to social distance.

The out of control spread of the virus impacts Everett especially, as Everett has been among the most infected communities – and this includes neighboring Revere and Chelsea.

The damp- er on the holiday festivities has caused a great deal of mumbling and talk around the city.

Everyone wants to know, when is this going to end?

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