Supreme Court ruling was fair

The recent Supreme Court ruling allowing for gatherings inside churches as long as social distancing is practiced conforms with the law in every way.

The justices who ruled in the majority all agreed: freedom of religion as a pillar of our society must be maintained, at least with the same legal reasonings that allow huge box stores to stay open or bars and restaurants.

Churches shouldn’t be shut down or put out of business for parishioners or congregants when bars and restaurants and grocery stores are allowed to be open, the Supreme Court reasoned rather justly.

Freedom of religion is not the assurance that God is there. It is not the government telling us who to pray to or for.

It is the freedom to allow all of us to pray as we please, to congregate at our churches and synagogues, as long as we conform to the basic standards and edicts required of such places during a pandemic.

If this is the Supreme Court going right, then we are all for it in this instance.

What is good for big box stores, grocery markets, bars, and restaurants must be good for religious institutions and for our right to freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion does not take away from basic rights to be who we are.

It is a part of the package that makes America what it is today – a place where freedom of religion is upheld even against the onslaught of a deadly virus.

Freedom of religion has nothing to do with politics.

It should remain that way, for as long as we exist as a nation.

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