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There is life after political death

We want to welcome back to the city council one of the more decent quiet voices that used to grace the chamber at city hall.

We welcome back Richard Dell Isola.

He will likely be sworn in at the next council meeting. He replaces Councilor Peter Napolitano, who has resigned to enable himself to accept his coming appointment as Everett’s Assistant City Clerk.

Dell Isola’s return after his crushing loss in his last election several years back proves the value of the age’s old political adage – you win even when you’ve lost.

As the city charter stipulates clearly, Dell Isola’s return happens because he came in behind Napolitano.

The mayor is delighted to add to his secure council ownership and majority another sure vote from an old friend.

That is politics.

As for Dell Isola, we wish him a happy return and a safe journey into the New Year.

Welcome back to the mayor’s council.

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