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Educating ourselves about Government

We call to the attention of many of our readers who follow the meanderings of our city government a new tool by which each of you can weigh and measure the actions of our elected public officials.

Call it a scorecard, call it what you will, the cut-out included

in this edition of the Leader Herald is intended to be used as a guidepost to assessing the actions of city leaders so you are able to make more educated decisions about what you favor and what you do not, whose policies you favor and whose you do not.

This is your way of keeping score, of expanding your cumulative knowledge about where your councilors stand, what they vote for and against, what they are in support of, and what they are not in support of.

Cut out the ELH Notebook and have it by your side when you watch the city council meetings.

Take notes the way reporters the notes. Keep them from meeting to meeting.

Asses more carefully what you are watching, how decisions of the City Council affect you and others, and how City Council decisions direct the way the city is heading.

By doing so, you are basically attending a class in government designed to help you make more informed and better-informed decisions about who to vote for, who not to vote for, who to praise, who not to praise, and who to support.

The best thing about this cut-out is that you can watch the ZOOM meetings in the privacy of your own space.

It is a bit like the Australian ballot.

No one gets to look at the notes you are keeping.

In the end, everyone gains because knowledge is power.

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